We would like to thank you for visiting the Salinas Ranch website. We are a family owned and operated registered Brahman ranch located nineteen miles from Brenham, Texas, in beautiful Washington County. Salinas Ranch is home to some of the finest pure-bred Brahman cattle. We are continually searching for new ways to create superior cattle through POLLED BREEDING, IMF SCORING, AND VARIATION IN GENETICS. We encourage you to browse our website, and view some of the quality Gray Brahman cattle that we own. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries concerning our cattle. If you would like to schedule a ranch visit, please find our information in the Contact Us page.
Latest News

KALLION FARMS and SALINAS RANCH have partnered together to combine and utilize our individual ranches unique horned and polled Brahman genetics to further develop a new generation of high marbling, functional, fertile, and docile cattle. The partnership will strive to provide an enhanced and advanced Brahman with economic traits on the outside, and under the hide, to registered breeders and the commercial producer around the globe.

Exciting News - #1 marbling Brahman bull
Mr. US Kallion Benchmark
We are excited to introduce Mr. US Kallion Benchmark. He was produced through our partnership with Kallion Farms. He is the #1 highest marbling Brahman in the world. His IMF score at 13 months was 7.19.

Benchmark- A standard or point of reference against which other things may be compared or assessed.